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4 social media tips for effective marketing

Social Media done right can boost your brand. We all are quite tuned in to the very fact that social media play an important role in our daily lives and thus it’s becomes an imperative means of advertising for all kinds of brands of all sizes and industries. For the very fact, 90% of advertisers…

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School Introduces Coding in Curriculum

And I’m one happy Dad… My daughter attends her Primary School and we as parents have been notified that moving into the next term they are introducing coding skills into the curriculum. This makes me very happy as I have on many occasions taught my awesome 6 year old a few little bits of code language…

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wordpress seo by yoast
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Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress – ADD Overview

YOAST SEO PLUGIN FOR WORDPRESS – REVIEW SEO is still a huge function to get right, and in WordPress especially. WordPress out the box is a very good CMS, but the SEO structure can always be improved, luckily there are some great plugins to help you gain control over the on-site SEO. If you have a…

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Digital Marketing and SEO, it isn’t lifeless.

DIGITAL MARKETING & SEO, IT ISN’T LIFELESS As we’re constantly driving further into the digital age, your advertising and marketing technique needs to be evolving with the times to make sure you aren’t falling behind your rivals or getting caught in a advertising and marketing rut. Most marketers have embraced digital advertising and marketing as an…

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Raster pictures and Vector Files

RASTER PICTURES AND VECTOR FILES As a designer, I imagine that it is very important to educate clients in a few of the processes of design, this additionally helps the consumer really feel that they’re receiving worth for money after they realise how involved a brand design may be. There is one element of all logo design,…

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Top 8 Online Design Tools

TOP 8 ONLINE DESIGN TOOLS This article is aimed at helping out 2/3 different sets of folks: Those that can’t afford a designer to create custom artwork for them and designers that are just starting out and maybe cannot afford the latest adobe suite. I’m sure that there will be many others who find this…

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wordpress issues
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Common Problems With WordPress

COMMON PROBLEMS WITH WORDPRESS WordPress was originally designed as a free web blogging platform. Fast Forward a decade and a bit and you will find that there have been significant changes in the system. It has now become more versatile as a free, open-source web design and development tool. Like other similar programs, it is…

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wordpress speed
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How to speed up WordPress

WORDPRESS SPEED OPTIMISATION – HOW TO! Ok so we deal with WordPress websites all the time, and one of the most critical questions I get asked is, will the site load quickly? The truth is any website will load fast if it is set up right in the first place and maintained. So here is ADD’s guide…

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