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WordPress was originally designed as a free web blogging platform. Fast Forward a decade and a bit and you will find that there have been significant changes in the system. It has now become more versatile as a free, open-source web design and development tool. Like other similar programs, it is also installed on a web server that is either a part of internet or web hosting service. One of the main things that sets it apart is its user-friendly interface and support community – just type in ‘WordPress Tutorial’ in YouTube and you’ll get the idea.

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However – and as is true with all things – there are certain problems/bugs with WordPress. More often than not these problems are dealt with quick swiftly but there are other, recurring problems. These problems do sometimes question the credibility of the software – but when you consider that almost 60% of the websites currently in existence have the origins in WordPress, they have to be something right.

The following is a list that contains the 6 most common problems with WordPress:

  1. Internal Server Error

Internal Server Error or sometimes referred to as “500 Internal Server Error” usually occur when there is something wrong but the server can’t identify what the problem or error is. Since the error message does not show where you can specifically find that error, it’s can be problematic to figure it out. This error occurs normally with less experienced users as more often than not it can be attributed to poorly written plug-ins or a plug in conflict. More often than not a solution can be found by disabling recently installed plug-ins to fined where the conflict lies.

  1. Syntax errors in WordPress

This is a common error that happens that when you accidentally input a wrong code (code snippets) into the WordPress. The common result of this is a PHP error which commonly appears like the following example:

“Parse error- syntax error, unexpected $end in/public_html/site1/wp-content/themes/my-theme/funcions.php on line 27”

An error message will tell you if there’s an error found in the code together with the location of the script where the error happened with its line number. Fixing this one is easy as you only need to review and correct the wrong code.

  1. Error in Establishing a Database Connection in WordPress

This simply means that your website can’t connect to the database. Usually this happens when a user incorrectly modifies or enters their database, username, host, and password. Another reason why you can’t connect easily to your database is that because your database is corrupted or the server itself is unresponsive.

  1. WordPress Posts Returning 404 Error

Whenever you visit a site and browse all its sections, then, suddenly an error message pop up. Specifically, a 404 page-not found error. This is because there is something wrong in the permalink settings of the WordPress. In fixing this, there’s a need for you to manually update its rewrite rules or reconfigure its permalink settings.

  1. Sidebar Below Content Error in WordPress

The common problems encountered, especially by beginners in WordPress, is the sidebar that appears below the content rather than appearing next to its content. The problem revolves just in its theme.

  1. White text and Missing Buttons in WordPress visual Editor

Sometimes users get panic whenever a blank screen instead of buttons appears as they open the site. This happen when a JavaScript in user’s admin area is not working or there are files like TinyMCE files that are corrupted.

These are some of the common problems that can be encountered in WordPress. However, most of these issue are caused by the user and not the platform itself. More often than not these can be resolved by re-tracing your steps and isolating what went wrong. You can also ensure that any plug-ins you do use are trusted by the community. Most importantly of all keep your platform & plug-ins up-to-date whilst always ensuring that you make a back-up before making any significant changes and/or updates.

As ever, we hope that you have enjoyed this post and look forward to your comments and feeback below.

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