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As a designer, I imagine that it is very important to educate clients in a few of the processes of design, this additionally helps the consumer really feel that they’re receiving worth for money after they realise how involved a brand design may be.


There is one element of all logo design, for my part, they should begin life as a vector graphic. However, if you happen to put your self into the consumer’s shoes for a second, why would they know what a vector graphic is, not to mention why they want one. The designer wants to coach the client. My response to this, was to put in writing a weblog article about it, as I’m writing I assumed this might be better offered as a short written explanation, so I can present the variations between the 2 most typical file varieties;

  • Raster
  • Vector

According to brandirectory.com, the following are the biggest six brands on this planet.

  • Apple
  • Samsung
  • Microsoft
  • Google
  • Verizon
  • AT&T

When you view the logos, I believe there’s a particular connection between them. They are all simple, clear and crisp. All the logos are constructed from vector shapes and are extremely versatile. As a graphic designer, your basic objective for each challenge is to resolve an issue. Branding requires the clients logo to be utilised throughout a large number of media. How do you present a brand in the very best light across outlets, web sites, software program and merchandise? You create a logo that applies to any state of affairs with out lack of high quality. Regardless of how huge or small the area for the brand is.

The distinction between raster images and vector files

Raster images, often known as bitmaps are made up of pixels, single points of colour which build up to make an image. The most typical file formats are jpg, bmp, gif, png and tiff file formats. Bitmaps are only as large as they’re delivered, what do I imply by this? If you obtain a jpg for instance, and the picture is 5 inches across by 3 inches high. That is as large as that picture may be with out shedding any high quality. So it cannot be scaled up, however it may be scaled down. Bitmaps are inclined to exist as images or advanced illustrations.

Vector files, however, are made up of mathematical factors generated by computer applications similar to Adobe Illustrator. The most typical file formats are eps, pdf’s, though that could be a little misleading, as pdf’s technically can include bitmaps as well. SVG, generally used for the net, ai and wmf. These file formats are infinitely scaleable both up or down. Typically vector files are brand logos and infographics.

What to anticipate from commissioning a Logo design

  • Vector variations of the logo.
  • Supplied in CMYK, Pantone and single colour variations.
  • Some raster variations of the logo must be provided, as It’s extremely possible the client will be unable to open the vector versions.
  • Logo lockups, different model of the logo.
  • A favicon to be used on the clients web site.

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